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Class 10 CBSE Subjectwise - Chapterwise Assessment

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About the Examination

At whatever level of preparation you are before the exam, this course gives you an accelerated way to master the whole CBSE Class 10 Syllabus. It has been conceived keeping in mind the latest trend of questions, and the level of different types of students. The whole syllabus of Class 10 has been divided into chapter-wise self-assessments with clear groundings into concepts and sufficient practice. After every few chapters you get a Assertion and Reasoning Test based upon the Important Notes and Summary. It is not necessary that you start working with this course in 6 Weeks just before the exam. You may start and finish your preparation of Class 10 Exam much in advance before the exam date. This will only keep you in good frame of mind and relaxed, vital for success at this level. Salient Features Concepts discussed clearly and directly without being superfluous. Only the required material for CBSE Class 10 being described comprehensively to keep the students focused. Assessments of each chapter give you the collection of only the Best Questions of the concept, giving you the perfect practice in less time. Each Chapter has more than 100 Questions; MCQ's, Assertion Reasoning & Case Based Questions.

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